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Condoms This is a form of barrier contraception, and stops the sperm from reaching the egg. These are easily accessible, cheap to buy, and can also be procured free of…

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Background info 1/3 of pregnancies are unplanned The UK government now promotes long acting reversible contraception (LARC) (e.g. IUD, IUS, implant)as the best method of contraception because: Reduced chance of…

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Contraception – Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill – COCP

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Introduction Combined oral contraceptive pills contain both oestrogen and progestogen. This method is: Reliable and reversible Can reduce dysmennorrhoae (painful menstruation) and menoorhagia (heavy bleeding) Can reduce PMT (pre-menstrual tension) Reduce…

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Contraception – Hormonal Injections

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Introduction There are two brands: Depo-Provera – administered every 12 weeks Injection of choice Aka Medroxyprogesterone acetate Noristerat – administered every 8 weeks Depo-provera is more effective than Noristerat Usually only…

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Culture and Contraception

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Introduction When discussing contraception with a patient, in may be useful to understand a little about the patient’s cultural and / or religious background. Obviously, it is not the medical…

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Emergency Contraception

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Introduction Emergency contraception is an important post-coital method of contraception to prevent pregnancy from occurring. The risk of pregnancy is highest during the 6 days prior to ovulation, and on…

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Introduction Can be controversial in some cultures Should only be undertaken in stable relationships where the couple is certain they do not want any more children Epidemiology Rates falling in…

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