Introduction to Respiratory Exam

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For a detailed walk-through of the respiratory exam, please see this Respiratory Exam article INTRODUCTION Wash hands Check patient name/DOB/hospital number Introduce- “My name is…” Consent “Is it ok if…

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Knee Examination

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Introduction Knee examination is an important clinical skill, and knee problems are a common presenting complaint to general practice and emergency departments. Knee examination is also a common OSCE station.…

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Lower Limb Examination

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The key aim is to identify the anatomical site of the lesion: central (UMN - brain and spinal cord)versus peripheral (LMN - nerve roots and peripheral nerves). • NB –…

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Lumbar Spine Examination

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Lumbar Spine The patient will need to expose the spine. Ask them to remove their clothing for their torso (obviously women can keep underwear on). Look From front – are…

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Mental State Exam

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Appearance and behaviour How does the patient enter the room? quickly? slowly? What is the patient’s attitude to the interview? aggressive? reluctant? Can you build a rapport with them? can…

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Neck and Thyroid Exam

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Introduction Wash hands, check right patient, introduce yourself, get permission Ask the patient to sit up straight in a chair, and expose their neck down to the shoulders. You could…

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Paediatric Abdominal Exam

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Below is a brief summary of what to check for in a paediatric abdominal examination. For a detailed explanation of these features, and for adult abdominal examination, please see the…

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Paediatric Respiratory Exam

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General Inspection How old is the child? You will probably have to adapt the exam accordingly! Generally, you could put the children into three categories depending on their age: 0-6months,…

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Peripheral Vascular Exam

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Introduction introduce yourself wash your hands check you’ve got the right patient Inspection Is the patient in any pain? Check around the bed Mobility aids O2 Cigarettes Medication Look for…

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Pregnant Abdomen Exam

  • Reading time:6 mins read

Introduction Introduce yourself to the patient and explain the procedure. Use a chaperone. Ask the patient to expose her abdomen. You need to expose her down to the hairline to…

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