Viral Hepatitis Overview

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Hepatitis is liver disease characterised by the presence of immune cells within the liver. Viral Hepatitis Many viruses are able to infect the liver, some of these will only affect…

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Wernicke’s Encephelopathy and Korsakoff’s Syndrome

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Wernicke‚Äôs Encephalopathy This is a disorder that occurs as a result of inadequate levels of vitamin B1 (thiamine) in the body. It results in: Ataxia Ophthalmoplegia Nystagmus ‚Äď may be…

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Wilson’s Disease

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Inheritance Autosomal¬†recessive Pathology Copper incorporation into caeruloplasmin¬†in hepatocytes and and its excretion into bile is impaired so copper is deposited into organs (firstly liver, then basal ganglia) Clinical Presents in…

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