Addiction and Drug Abuse
Drugs white powder in a packet. Image by Marco Verch.

Addiction and Drug Abuse

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Introduction The abuse of alcohol and drugs from a psychological perspective comes under the heading of externalising disorders. This category essentially encompasses the tendency of an individual to act out…

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Aggressive Behaviour
An angry, aggressive patient. This patient may be easier to deal with than some

Aggressive Behaviour

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People prone to aggressive behaviour are at greater risk of mental illness Aggressive and abusive behaviour is also a feature of mental illness 40% of medical staff report being physically…

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Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol abuse and addiction

Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse

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Introduction Alcohol is the most dangerous addictive drug in the world. It kills around 15 Australians every day. Alcohol abuse is widespread in Western Society, and is a common presenting…

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Drugs in medicine


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Introduction Antipsychotics are also sometimes called neuroleptics or major tranquilisers.They are typically used for the treatment of psychosis, including schizophrenia, and also in delirium - particularly in the elderly when…

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Biploar Disorder

Biploar Disorder

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Formerly known as manic depression, bipolar disorder is now the term used to describe this psychiatric condition that involves both depressive and manic episodes. There are three types: Bipolar 1…

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Delirium (Acute Confusional State)

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Delirium is defined as an acute and fluctuating disturbance in level of consciousness, attention and global cognition. Prompt treatment is required to avoid potential brain damage. The underlying mechanism is…

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Introduction Depression is one of a group of disorders known as the affective mood disorders, and the internalising disorders – other examples include: Affective mood disorder Anxiety Bipolar Disorder The…

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Eating Disorders and Weight Loss

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Introduction Eating disorders are associated with a high degree of morbidity, and occasionally - mortality. They most commonly present in adolescent females. About 1 in 20 young females who pursue a 'diet'…

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Eponymous Psychiatric Syndromes

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Othello Syndrome Patients hold the delusional belief that their partner is cheating on them. Affects males more than females. They may be threatening towards their partner and stalk or have…

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Fear Disorders – Panic, Phobia and PTSD

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Introduction The dear disorders, are generally considered as types of anxiety. In this article we consider Panic Disorder, PTSD, Phobia, OCD and others. For a general overview of anxiety, and…

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